Report for business requirement verification required 2 business solutions!

  This technical journal presents the required 2 posts for the business report for each business including the required five topics. The two businesses are: 'Ultimate Clothing - CMS'            ===> REPORT 1 'Ventus Libraries - Ventus Kids' ===> REPORT 2 ICTICT515 - Verify client business requirements   REPORT 1: COMPANY:… Continue reading Report for business requirement verification required 2 business solutions!


The Stack

People use the Bitnami stack LAMP/WAMP/MAMP package management system to setup their content management system such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc….. Linux/Apache/MySql/PHP Windows/Apache/MySql/PHP Mac/Apache/MySql/PHP Apache Web server to serve the pages MySQL database to manage data phpMyAdmin to administer MySQL Linux/Windows/Mac as the platform


Web Development Project What technologies are involved in the web development project? The web development project consists of the main technologies on front-end, back-end and the coding in between. The technologies involve using Drupal, Javascript, HTML, CSS and MySQL/MS SQL databases. Thus we have the development undergoing through use of the development and scripting technologies whilst creating a back-end database either using MySQL or MS Sql Server. What I reckon the web development project is all about? The intention of the project/s is to create web applications where one can either: blog interact with other fellow bloggers interact with other development communities create a blog or website to sell products simply have ads working for you to make money on the internet