Research and apply emerging web technology trends!

  "Research and apply emerging web technology trends" "ICTWEB516"   Table of Contents outline the principles of the internet and the technologies that underpin its existence 3 summarise the key principles of analysis and design.. 6 explain programming control structures and object-oriented programming 7 outline the principles of web analysis and design.. 8 explain web… Continue reading Research and apply emerging web technology trends!


Report for business requirement verification required 2 business solutions!

  This technical journal presents the required 2 posts for the business report for each business including the required five topics. The two businesses are: 'Ultimate Clothing - CMS'            ===> REPORT 1 'Ventus Libraries - Ventus Kids' ===> REPORT 2 ICTICT515 - Verify client business requirements   REPORT 1: COMPANY:… Continue reading Report for business requirement verification required 2 business solutions!

Knowledge Evidence – Assessment Event 2

Assessment Event 2   Definition/Description as required:     describe a database structure   A database is a collection of data that is saved and organized to allow easy retrieval when needed.   It is the collection of schemas, tables, queries, reports, views, and other objects.     Databases consists of tables that include groups… Continue reading Knowledge Evidence – Assessment Event 2

Technical Journal for Drupal

Technical Journal Documentation The technical documentation includes but not limited to: Drupal                The Technical Aspect                Download                Installation                            The Path    … Continue reading Technical Journal for Drupal

The WordPress

This page has a great many tips and tricks to WordPress. It is also a technical Journal for WordPress registration in as easy as 10 steps and much much more! The WordPress Technical Journal Click the above link "The WordPress Technical Journal" to view the full article on WordPress getting started with registration and making… Continue reading The WordPress