Technical Journal for Drupal

Technical Journal Documentation The technical documentation includes but not limited to: Drupal                The Technical Aspect                Download                Installation                            The Path    … Continue reading Technical Journal for Drupal


The WordPress

This page has a great many tips and tricks to WordPress. Technical Journal for WordPress registration in as easy as 10 steps! Technical documentation for the registration and logins

This page has a great many tips and tricks to WordPress. It is also a technical Journal for WordPress registration in as easy as 10 steps and much much more! The WordPress Technical Journal Click the above link "The WordPress Technical Journal" to view the full article on WordPress getting started with registration and making… Continue reading The WordPress

The Stack

People use the Bitnami stack LAMP/WAMP/MAMP package management system to setup their content management system such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc….. Linux/Apache/MySql/PHP Windows/Apache/MySql/PHP Mac/Apache/MySql/PHP Apache Web server to serve the pages MySQL database to manage data phpMyAdmin to administer MySQL Linux/Windows/Mac as the platform


Web Development Project What technologies are involved in the web development project? The web development project consists of the main technologies on front-end, back-end and the coding in between. The technologies involve using Drupal, Javascript, HTML, CSS and MySQL/MS SQL databases. Thus we have the development undergoing through use of the development and scripting technologies whilst creating a back-end database either using MySQL or MS Sql Server. What I reckon the web development project is all about? The intention of the project/s is to create web applications where one can either: blog interact with other fellow bloggers interact with other development communities create a blog or website to sell products simply have ads working for you to make money on the internet